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Thread: Reloading Tip Start With Clean Brass

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    Post Reloading Tip Start With Clean Brass

    After today, it's all historical.

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    Most of those guys know less about reloading than you do. Today, they tend to be industry shills trying to sell you on the latest products, needed or not.
    This article, however, does sound as though author knows what they are doing.
    All you need to do is wipe off the case exterior of all dirt, grime, mud, etc.
    I have never had any issue inspecting cases prior to cleaning. I mean, just how "dirty" are your spent cases? All you have to do is LOOK at the case, unless you picked it up from a mud hole.
    My general procedure is, when I return from the range (where I try to pick up all the cases I can), I inspect, deprime, and sort. Once sorted, I can start cleaning cases.
    One thing to note: use 20/40 corn so you don't get media stuck in the primer pocket. Tumble 30 minutes and you have cases that are more than sufficiently clean.
    If you use crushed nut hulls, beware of powder building up in case interior. Nut media is very dusty, gets all over, and likes to pack in the case interior. If I need nut hulls to clean a case, I soak the filthy thing in water for a day or two and wipe off the gunk and then, after drying, throw in the tumbler with corn media.
    Fastest way to clean cases is with an unltrsonci cleaner. Even with just plain water, cases are completely clean, inside and out, in much less than 30 minutes (even my cases that I have loaded for 40+ years were completely clean in 20 minutes. Time is reduced by adding a little Dawn hand-washing dish detergent to the water. Even the oldest most sooted up case is clean in 12 minutes.


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