Title says it all. The dems can say all the shit they want. That won't change the fact that the Republican senate majority will confirm her.

For that matter, I've seen TV ads for Judge Barrett. Why? The "people" will not be confirming her directly.

As far as the dems claiming that the confirmation should wait until after the election so that "the people have a say" this is absurd.

In 2016, the people had their say. Pres. Trump was elected. Pres. Trump appointed Judge Barrett. The people voted in a Republican senate majority. The people had their say here as well. When the senate confirms Judge Barrett, it will be done by the senate that the people voted for.

I think all the dems want is, on the off chance that (God forbid) Biden gets frauded in, Harris will be able to somehow block the confirmation.

Also, the dems are afraid that if the 2020 election gets so screwed up that the SCOTUS has to decide it, having Judge Barrett on the court will guarantee that Biden can't be frauded in.

Or is my understanding of this stuff all wrong?