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Thread: 1980s Rad Helical Rimfire: Calico M100S

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    Post 1980s Rad Helical Rimfire: Calico M100S

    A slightly different firearm.

    After today, it's all historical.

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    I have 3 Calico's. The one in this article, the folding stock (tactical) one (M-100), and the M-900 (9 mm). The 900 jams every so often, and I haven't fired the 100's.

    Not what I would call super reliable firearms, but the wow factor is impressive....
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    I would post a picture of one of my Calico M-100 that according to the people I spoke to back when the original people owned it, was told it was a modification made by one of their engineers as his personal rifle. I was lucky to wind up with it. Unlike the standard front sight of the M-100 that has an integral odd looking muzzle device on it over an unthreaded barrel, the one I got has the barrel threaded and an M-16 flash hider installed. You can look at the parts and see it was done at the factory. It also has a see-through mag which makes having 100 rounds of .22LR in the helical mag a true masterpiece.

    Fun shooter that always got a lot of attention at the range.

    Movie buff note, the M-100 was used in Spaceballs, that great spoof of Star Wars. Instead of firing .22 ammo, it was a laser weapon! Wish that one was real.


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