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Thread: Just a little story time to calm people down.

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    Just a little story time to calm people down.

    2016; The Patriot’s Day Angel.

    January 2016 – “In the end; my ultimate solution, and I'm sure there is a man in heaven that agrees with me, it is all the same answer as it has been since the beginning.”

    The angel had said to Tholms in an instant vision “We will fix this”.


    April 5th – Tholms walked out of the Waffle King and sat in his mom’s KEA optima waiting for her and the rain started sprinkling, and he said to the Lord in silent prayer, “Show me the love”. Like the song from The Who, it was like that.

    Half an hour earlier; Tholms was digging in his closet while little sister was at collage studying to be a teacher. The weather was in the 50s, and Tholms pulled a random garment from the closet, a green fleece zip-up Columbia brand sweater, but decided to leave his favorite black NRA hat. Tholms asked his mom if he could pay for his own haircut at the Smart Style shop at Walmart. There was an important file on his other laptop that needed to be retrieved. An HDMI cable was needed to connect the laptop to the television because the monitor had a fatal collision with a piece of metal that was taken from an old steel shelf.

    February – Tholms was working with woodworking projects and crafted a fishing rod rack with one of the steel-shelf parts. Tholms showed the rack off on Facebook to his friends, and got many likes, one of his friends asked him to teach him how to go fishing. Tholms made a demo video on how to use a spinning reel, which he learned how to use and like them a lot more than button reels and or bait-casting reels.

    When the video was posted; Tholms did some side searching on other videos, personalities, like Jon B., Philly Fishing, Andrew Flair, and others got him into the need to try this as well, and managed to get his dad to agree to take him fishing at the army base.

    Chapter 1

    Tholms also crafted a fishing line holder with painted bass on the sides and baseboard; on the baseboard he also decided to put in something religious, “God is Love”. Turned out; after a google search for the part of the verse from 1st John 4:16, Tholms was interested in reading the Book of Revelation for the first time. After had read the fourth chapter, he thought “who are these beasts that John talked of?” Tholms decided to make one of these angels his friend; Knowing Tholms being a bird lover, chose the eagle.

    December 2015 – Littlerock was dying. Tholms’ favorite bared rock hen was on her last egg, After 5 years of gently preening Tholms’ long hair. That cold night he went to the patio for a quick smoke break, and she was on the glass table above him.

    As she jumped down into Tholms’ lap, he put the cigarette in the ash tray and held her close to him in the cold air, he could tell by her breathing she had caught a pneumonia. While she was in his arms that night, he started talking to her. “Littlerock, you’ve always had the heart of an eagle, you've always have been loyal to me and I'm going to miss you”; “I know all creatures get to heaven but could you do me a favor? Send me a hawk, I know her toenails are sharper than yours, but I just want a sign from you that you really do love me”.

    The next morning, he found the poor bird in the goat shed, covered in trillions of mites. Tholms started digging under the fig tree where she always spent her time under.

    Chapter 2

    April 5th continued – Tholms paid the woman at the style shop register and walked back into the store. After Tholms was in the back isle Tholms noticed a stand out stranger in the isle about forty yards on the opposite side of the store headed towards his direction. Tholms was watching the stranger till he flipped the corner of the electronics department. Tholms picked up an HDMI cable and preceded to the counter in the center edge of the area. The stranger was just at the other side of the counter heading on further. The stranger was wearing a white fishing hat a pair of filmed glasses and a cobalt blue flannel shirt that didn’t outline the fact that the person reminded Tholms of one of his high school rivals. He didn’t want to consult the stranger directly but from then on Tholms bought the cable and left to find mom.

    Sister got home from school and as Tholms finished a Warcraft dungeon and went outside to break. When his sister passed by him, she said to Tholms, “I like that sweater, it looks good on you”.

    Chapter 3

    Tholms went to fix the watering buckets at the pens; as he walked behind Littlerock’s branch of the fig tree, there, a fledgling hawk landed on and stood there looking at Tholms from five feet away in what looked like a trance.

    One of the items Tholms’ mother told him to get was an alarm clock for his room, and this is when the fun began. Although Tholms new digital clock had a battery-operated function, it had mainly required a power outlet.

    One day a lightning bolt struck the transformer up on the hill and the power was shut off; instead of the clock falling backwards the clock jumped up to five minutes forward, but how? When Tholms went to bed that night the clock was showing instead of being 11:06 it was moved to 11:11 and Tholms had seen this for the first time, then it was 4:44, 5:55, and so on.

    One day Tholms smelled what appeared to be perfume in his room; another day it was like someone lit firecrackers on the front porch; and another day there was the smell of dust burning. But from where?

    There is no real way to explain every supernatural event Tholms had witnessed this year, but that’s just it, the vast amount of constant spiritualistic contact Tholms received is to be just valued as a miracle in progress.

    Chapter 4

    Tholms originally thought he was the one that coined the term Lunker Bunker although the name was taken, the first videos weren’t all that good. The channel was renamed to “Lunkonok Fishing” with a name designed from the Scorponok from Transformers. It wasn’t built to last even though the effort was given.

    Tholms tried everything but to no avail; no fish were caught, but something was about to change in light of the failed attempt to get a professional channel going.

    Somewhere in 2015 – Tholms had just arrived at Old Town Park, after had caught a Bluegill from a previous visit with the same set up, Tholms would soon find out why this wouldn’t work this time. As he was in the same spot as last time, a baby alligator was approaching the pier from the south and kept on up the edge of the lake. Knowing what this could only imply; seeing the gator was only the length of about a yard long, it seemed as if the medications he was on at the time were starting to interact with Tholms’ energy levels. He got so heavy he wanted to sit in the jeep for about a couple of minutes, but his dad wasn’t going to have any of that, so they left after ten minutes from when they arrived.

    August 2016 – Tholms realized that the rod his reel was on was way too long for the reel, so, he decided to go online to get a new one. Tholms’ black NRA cap got moldy and had to be tossed because it was so rancid. When his new St. Croix fishing rod arrived in the mail, the tube also contained a white colored hat that functioned as his new hat of choice.

    Chapter 5

    One day Tholms was watching a ghost hunter episode on the Sci-Fi channel. A thermal camera was being used and as the host was sitting on an old piece of machinery in the woods, contact was made. The way he reacted was almost as the same reaction Tholms had from the fishing trip, he knew. Tholms managed to get to Old Town one last time, this time on a mission. He tossed an old silver half dollar into the rocks where he saw the alligator to help the spirit get set free.

    Tholms while at Walmart accompanied by mom was clothes shopping for the winter. There was a flannel shirt that looked like it had Auburn colors, and Tholms liked it. A pair of polarized Calcutta's with blue and green tint adorning red colored lenses, Tholms had these sunglasses since the beginning of the year. But none of this sounded off alarm bells in Tholms’ mind yet.

    Chapter 6

    July 2015 – Tholms’ religious life was spinning out of control up until; “His novel came out when?”

    Five whole years, the author Douglas Adams, passed away in May of 2001, many months before July 27th 2002. The book came out in 1979; five whole years before Tholms was even born. There was no way in the world this man from England could have known this was going to happen, unless.

    Tholms did some research, while listening to videos on YouTube he came across the name, Jeanette Foresta. Who claimed she was from Clarion a planet close to Sirius and she was also from the year 2028.

    Tholms was still yet under control from Purge and under the dark spell from July 2002. Meaning; Tholms had to be dispelled some way somehow. So; he started to compare his story to John’s.

    Tholms wanted to consult the eagle Seraphim in Revelation.

    Chapter 7

    And so, the day had arrived; When the jeep arrived at the base that morning it was business as usual. As the morning rolled on that Sunday; Tholms started casting into the mil foil between the pier and the water playground. The hawk from June was fresh on his mind, then he heard the screeching from the south and looked up to where the clouds were and saw a wavy distorted cloud and thought, “that looks like it belongs to an angel”, Tholms picked up the camera but the clouds were so white, he didn’t want to give the image the wrong impression although unavoidable, he lowered the UV settings to around -2.5. Then Tholms felt very hot he started sweating and itching, and every breath was like a cotton ball. “Hey dad, it’s getting kind of hot out here, we need to leave". He packed up his stool, rods, and camera pod and started walking to the shoreline. All of a sudden, a large dark colored object flew past his right shoulder. While being air conditioned Tholms fell into a slumber.

    Tholms: “Look; I know what you're about to say, but please, I’m stronger than that. I chose to come to you, so, we’re on the same level. Alright?”

    The angel: “Oh okay then.” “Seeing we are here together now, what would you like to ask of me?”

    Tholms: “You know; Mr. Eagle, is it okay if I use that name?”

    The angel: “I’m okay with that.”

    Tholms: “I’m thinking about this book and you should know there is no such thing as a coincidence, right?”

    The angel: “Nope.”

    Tholms “So, when I was watching the movie, I noticed this, I may have to go back and give this man his own book.” “If what this woman on the radio said about time travel is true, then I will have to go back and do what must be done as well, or else I might not be here today.”

    The angel: “Hmm, that is a good coincidence.” “You are correct, but I would advise you as an angel of the Lord that if you are to do this in this way, then please let go of your problems, and let God act first.”

    When Tholms woke up ten minutes later, the only form of precipitation was a small staircase on the opposite side of 231 at the end of Andrews Ave. When they arrived at Waffle King there was a black swarm of lovebugs outside.

    Chapter 8

    Tholms was doubtful. Five dollars later Tholms consulted an online psychic for answers, he said to Tholms “Wait till November 11th”. While the fires were burning up in Tennessee; Tholms was anxious but that wasn’t the only reason, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Reluctantly he voted against Hillary because he remembered the decade when Bill was in office, conspiracies left over from Waco, Somalia, Whitewater, and the recent Benghazi atrocities led to Tholms Voting for Trump.

    November 8th – He put on the flannel shirt and wore the white hat, along with the Calcutta's. On his way to the voting booth, they were waiting to go shopping at Walmart to buy fishing line.

    Tholms along with dad went into the middle door. As they were walking to the pet food isle to the left Tholms was pondering what he had just seen on the opposite side. For some unknown reason there was Easter candy on sale, in November? Tholms pulled out a Baneful sausage out of the fridge and they walked to the grocery department. As Tholms was picking off stuff on the list, they entered the spice isle and were looking.

    “Hey dad, is it okay if I go on to the sporting goods to get the line we need?” He replied “Yes, go ahead”.

    As he was already wearing the sunglasses and didn’t really want people to know he was watching them, Tholms got to the electronics department and was watching a young man in a green sweater, and thinking to himself, “Hey that guy almost looks just like me”. As he walked past the counter Tholms didn’t realize his doppelganger was still watching him.

    Chapter 9

    Five days later – Tholms remembered the fifth, it was official: Tholms was a time traveler.

    March 8th 2017 – Tholms wrote the demons name down on the paper and placed it in the offering plate. He decided to dispel his curse and put Revelation back into the Lord’s control. And now; even today, he waits for the Lord’s return.
    Keep your will turning...

    I will not eat your bread.
    I will not jump your cliff.
    I bow to no one but the Lord.

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    is this a story about god? Is he going to come fix the world?
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    WTF? Are you doing Acid?
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    Kinda has a Hunter Thompson having lunch with Arthur Clark feel to it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whiskeyman View Post
    Kinda has a Hunter Thompson having lunch with Arthur Clark feel to it.
    More like Joe Biden giving Nancy Pelosi a Cleveland Steamer on the Whitehouse Lawn.
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    I see old guntrol has been released from his rubber room for a spell.

    Cool story, dude.
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