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Thread: All the Evidence that Does not Exist of Election "Anomalies"

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    All the Evidence that Does not Exist of Election "Anomalies"

    This report by Peter Navarro provides a concise place to see all the different election anomalies that occurred this last cycle, at least in the battle ground states. Remember, there is nothing to see here.
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    I came across that in this article

    Americans Are Being Sold Out by Our Chiefs, as the American Indians Were

    Because the West’s globalist elites, and their partners in Communist China, are treating us today as land-hungry Europeans treated the Indians, over and over again. That is, get hold of the leaders of the people, and intimidate or bribe them. Offer them personal gain and promises of power and support. Then get them to sell out their people’s lands and future.
    This all the proof I need though
    Sep 1, 2020

    Exclusive: Dem group warns of apparent Trump Election Day landslide

    That is what this group, Hawkfish, which is funded by Michael Bloomberg and also does work for the Democratic National Committee and pro-Biden Super PACs, is warning is a very real, if not foreordained, outcome.

    "We are sounding an alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump," he said.
    "When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be some day after Election Day, it will in fact show that what happened on election night was exactly that, a mirage," Mendelsohn said. "It looked like Donald Trump was in the lead and he fundamentally was not when every ballot gets counted."
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    Heard a statisticians analysis last night, of that whole stop/start of counting in the various swing states at issue here...Trump winning by a landslide when they stop counting, then Joe Potatohead coming from behind once they restart. Statistician said the odds were 1 in about 4 quintillion that such a thing could happen in all those states in one election...

    But, yeah...Dogface Pony Soldier got more votes than either Hitlery or 0bama...yeah...that's the ticket... (where's that damned purple font...)
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