I am hearing that there are plans for Trump supporters to conduct armed protests (ie the protestors will be armed with the weapons slung on their backs or in holsters) on the day President-elect Biden is inaugurated. This is a stupid and very foolish idea. Many of these same people believe that Antifa or BLM agitators at least helped to start the attack on the Capital. What makes them think that an agitator won't walk into the middle of their group and fire a weapon? And if that happens, it will not be like what happened when the accidental discharges that occurred at BLM protests were largely ignored, even one shot will be the headline for the next week to 10 days.

The time for protests has passed. Those who attacked the Capital, and the vast majority were not Antifa or BLM (if any were), have ruined Republican and Trump supporters ability to protest for the foreseeable future. They squandered a great opportunity. It is now time, as it was for Democrats 4 years ago, to accept the election results and start planning for the House and Senate races in 2 years.