Under the shadow of a socialist America; we must learn what was given and taken in return for our freedom and realize why we will need a divine intervention...

This is No Longer a Gameó It takes a monster to kill one, and when we kill demons, their evil is invoked in us as we are as one of them. The USSR cold war ended with the fall of the iron curtain in Berlin during the Reagan era. But communism did not roll over and die. Its watered-down sister socialism infected the Western European countries after the start of the euro currency, the identities of many countries were sacrificed to build a one world Europe in an attempt for permanent unescapable international government control.

Why would some ďFreeĒ people wish for such a hypocrisy is all narrowed down to complacency. Nobody willingly asks for intentional slavery for themselves and their children. The Bolsheviks playbook has had its place in the start of the American downfall, and has not and will not change in 2020 or even 2021. Antifa Doesnít care which party is in control, so long as they have the control. Bottom up, top down, inside out.

We are now on an eminent precipice of losing our freedoms in America right now, if we the people do not wake up. What will we gain, what will we lose, and what will God say when all is war and not the peace we once had?

All it will take is one mistake to set off another country now that the standards of dealing with tyrants of other nations no longer exist. We are currently in a new cold war, and the plutonium will soon fly. As well as the trillions of dollars in debt that are sure to be used as a weapon in the coming world war that will bring the earth into the trials and tribulation. I donít know when but it will have to happen very soon. Collective capitalism at its last breath will always blow out all of the other candles in the room and people will be unable or unwilling to care about it.

Peanuts and a Cup of Tea and Riceó Cash on hand is now useless; How to shop at the thrift store or the flea market. Youíll own nothing and like it. Anything you want is yours no questions asked. If your property has so much as one dill weed on it, youíre now a farmer. Go party at the strip club and get drunk, the booze is free to you and if your hooker has an accident one night, guess what, abortion is now on demand and part of Medicare rights. Any former narcotic you want is now graciously given to you by the federal government. Free housing to the needy and a free ride to work. You can get four meals a day without buying any of it, or the guilt of being an obese immobile. You are free of the negative opinions of other people, and the government will make every day a sunny day.

The promises of socialism and her big brother communism if not their stepfather fascism, are many and far between, yet they all look good on paper, as my mom used to say. However; the wagers of sin are ultimately death, and win a nation is full of such then that nation must pay as well as the constituents and all pay the price.

What we got in return for our freedom is overshadowed by what we have been robbed of, and we will be reimbursed with the wrath of the Lord eventually. But this is the downside of the broken world we live in.

Buyerís and Sellerís Remorseó If you donít think youíve been robbed of your freedom yet, you will. Now that we are socialist; you own nothing, and people who own nothing will take it. You will be ordered to share your house with a strange dark-skinned man in your daughter's bedroom and you canít say anything about it because you are stripped of the right to defend her. The second amendment no longer exist and the government has ordered all legal firearms confiscated; However, you can have a gun if you join the dark-skinned manís gang where more than likely youíll have to murder someone to be a member, like MS13. If you want to talk about hunting and sports as far as recreation goes, you are given a bow and you kill what the guide tells you to take, and often itís a poor-quality animal that you wouldnít want on your table much less your wall. Does the wet market come to mind? and meat will be banned in America so now you get what the other countries give their people a one-ounce cup of rice and a similar portion of green tea without sugar or even honey as most of the honey bees went extinct by the hornets that China gave us. And you want a car donít worry you ask the government they give you a car if you agree to drive around with propaganda advertisements on your old ride. Which by all means wonít be the ride you wanted of course, ďa beaten-up old car that Barley starts, or even starts without government permission, seeing there will be no gas to operate it. And you can consider your foreign family a memory because there will be no way to reach them.

If you have one item of value on your property regardless of your yardís size you are now in ownership of government property. In Cuba; a man and child go into a grocery store and buys a bland box of flavorless cereal for the child instead of what the child wants. Same as Somalia and other third world African nations with starving people. At least in China there is a sensitivity to human desires, you are allowed to sin in a country that is devoid of the Lord, In fact, itís a government decree.

Only in a one child policy nation is the act of sex allowed unabated. Which is soon to be an American policy, mark these words. Now that abortion is on demand ďnot by the parentĒ, but only by the doctor, celebrate murder and infanticide. They even want to legalize hallucinogenic mushrooms which is already borderline, because cannabis was already a gateway drug. We might as well shoot up next to the homeless people in San Fran and be done with it. Welcome to the garage in the ghetto.

You get to work yes, with a cheap motorless bike and if you arenít on time, they kill you, itís that simple. You are asked by the government to spy on people who you donít like and you can essentially crucify them by the literal meaning of the word. What false judgment? You absolutely had every right to do what you did.

In North Korea the weather report won't even tell their own people a typhoon is approaching. Anyone who ever shows a leader in a negative light, will disappear, their family will also disappear. The first amendment has officially been repealed. Which also means no more church and no more worshiping your God, Jesus, etc. It is coming here, and this list goes further.