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Thread: Federal Workers will now make $15.00 Minimum Wage

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    Federal Workers will now make $15.00 Minimum Wage

    This order includes an effort to promote a $15 minimum wage for federal workers and to preserve civil service protections against political interference.

    The order revokes a trio of executive orders signed by President Donald Trump that limited the bargaining rights of unionized government workers. Trump’s orders made the employee discipline process stricter, restricted union representatives’ access to office space and cut the time for collective bargaining. Biden's order also eliminates “Schedule F,” a Trump action that stripped some federal policymaking jobs of their civil service protections such that agency heads could fire and replace people in those positions.

    The order directs agencies to identify which federal workers earn less than $15 per hour and craft policies to promote that wage level as a baseline. Biden also started the work to issue an executive order that requires federal contractors to pay a $15 minimum wage and provides emergency paid leave to workers.

    This guy isn't even giving Congress a chance, he's willing to use Executive orders to ram his agenda through and doesn't care. He's already proving that he's going to be a lot worse than Obama.

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    Joke Xiden is signing everything his handlers lay in front of him. Watch how he never reads anything he signs!
    I sold all my guns and ammo, now I live the quiet retired life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by insider View Post
    Joke Xiden is signing everything his handlers lay in front of him. Watch how he never reads anything he signs!
    Would he understand them if he did read them? He wasn't exactly in the upper 85% of his class in school.
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