Just sent this to my Senators and Representatives. If you are not from Washington and wish to use it, you will need to modify the wording slilghtly.

Please call for the removal of Suzi LeVine from the position of Assistant Secretary of the Employment and Training Administration of the Department of Labor. I hope you are familiar with her tenure of as Commissioner of the Washington State’s Employment Security Department. During her time as Commissioner her department fell victim to a scam, in large part due to disabling their computer systems automatic protections designed to protect against fraud. Because of this, her department lost over $600 million. Then, when the State Auditor tried to determine what had happened, Ms. LeVine refused to cooperate with the audits, possibly even obstructing them. And just recently the state discovered that over 55,000 residents received unemployment benefits though their applications showed they were not eligible for the assistance received. While some of these people will be able to correct their applications, a large percentage will be forced to pay back benefits to which they were not eligible. This is not the record nor the actions of a person who should be given such a position of authority and trust in the federal government.
Very Respectfully,