Ive been away for awhile, mostly because of work. Very busy with that but life happens and Im in need of help.

My wife on March 29th was admitted to the Methodist Specialty Transplant Hospital San Antonio Texas with a life threatening flesh eating infection. Shes had three surgeries since and is scheduled for a forth one Monday morning April 5th. Things are grave but improving slowly. Ive got two fund raisers going to help with bills (car payments, rent etc) Ive been here with here everyday from 7-9 with little sleep between. Shes sedated, intubated and hooked up to more machines than Ive ever seen. This is surreal to me. Weve gotten some help from family and will continue to receive help. So much for me to do to ensure her recovery will be taken care of. Shes going to need me onces shes out of the woods, right now shes in the ICU. Ive got people praying all over the country and even south of the border. Please pray for her. Help me spread the word of these fund raisers. By no means do I expect anyone here to donate. However I would be grateful for any help at all. Thank you

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/donate/1566...e=external_url

gofundme: https://gofund.me/f840eabe