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Thread: MAK-90 prices, to infinity and beyond!

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    MAK-90 prices, to infinity and beyond!

    Never thought I would see the day when a MAK-90, a rifle that when it first appeared almost couldn't be given away, would sell for well over $1000. I just went to Gunbroker and checked MAK-90 sold prices, as in what people actually paid for them. WOW!!! $1500 seemed to be the median price with some selling for over $2000!!!!!!!

    I feel sorry for people getting into the hobby these days as unconstitutional laws and bans have driven prices of items that "shall not be infringed" through the roof and beyond.

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    Crazy times to say the least.
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    I should have bought bunches of Sar 1s, 2s, and 3s back in the day. Had I known...that whole 20/20 hindsight thing...
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