Looking for valuation on the One off Canadian Arsenals Limited MK-2 Chrome Plated Sten gun that was in the Lobby of Canadian Arsenals in Toronto in the 1970s until they closed. The gun is in Clive Law’s book showing the CAL factory display Chrome Plated MK-2 Sten that was in Canadian Arsenal’s lobby at CAL., It has a consecutive serial number Inglis 9mm HP ;

The Canadian War Museum is not interested and can provide no idea, The Royal Armouries in the UK can provide no opinion and the Smithsonian tried but cannot make a decision If anyone can even give some idea of fair market value or refer us this would be appreciated for a “one off”

It’s a nice gun otherwise if you like Chrome and is in Excellent condition. I personally like the MK-2 Longbranch Sten in the War Museum with the dark WW II parkerized finish.

Brief Summary in case I missed something above. We also have pictures

This is a rare one off Longbranch Sten MK-II which was at the Canadian Arsenals Limited C.A.L. Factory Display model that they displayed in the front entrance to C.A.L. before the factory closed. Chinese contract markings on the upside of the magazine housing and Longbranch marking on the underside of the housing. Loop stock gun is marked with a 1943 date. In un-issued condition with one chrome platted magazine. The CAL Sten has a consecutive set brother or sister in that CAL had a HP Made especially one digit behind the Sten. Both guns and an Enfield were in the display case We might be able to get the CAL case also if that adds to his value . This sort of gun; unheard of in Canada and a piece of Canadiana; uniquely so and documented as per enclosed in Clive Law's Green Covered Inglis Diamond book on page 168 . That page is available upon request

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