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Thread: POTD: Manville 25mm Anti-Riot Gas Launcher A Machine Gun?

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    Post POTD: Manville 25mm Anti-Riot Gas Launcher A Machine Gun?

    After today, it's all historical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunreference1 View Post
    Hmmm. some of their INFORMATION is wrong. Go figure for an Auction site....

    I defer to IMFDB's quote on it

    Manville Projectile Launcher. Originally it was designed in 1936 as a rotary-cylinder 12 gauge shotgun with 24-shell capacity. The device was later redesigned to fire 25mm tear gas or smoke grenades and flares and had a capacity of 18 shells. By the early 1940s Charles Manville developed his final version of the Manville Projectile Launcher, this time in 37mm with a 12 round capacity. Even with the advent of World War 2 occupying everyone's thoughts, the orders for a multiple grenade launcher didn't catch, especially since, when fully loaded, the Manville would be incredibly heavy. By 1943, the Manville Launcher was scrapped.
    After decades of being out of production, the Movie "Dogs of War" generated incredible interest again in the Manville. Frankford Arsenal decided to renew the production with new materials and developed 25mm, 37mm, and 40mm versions - calling it the Hawk MM1 grenade launcher. It's also been written that Andries C. Piek, chairman of the Milkor company, was inspired to design the now-famous Milkor MGL after seeing the Manville in this movie.


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