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Thread: Last Knob Creek Machine Gun Show

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    Question Last Knob Creek Machine Gun Show

    So anyone going to this for the last time?
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    Seems as though it's just the "last" of this year, not necessarily the last of all time as you seem to suggest.

    Though I do recognize your suggestion that this very well could be the "last of all time"...
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    Always wanted to go but looks like another "someday" just turned into another "should have"

    This article from June has a little more about it

    This Year is The End of Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

    Machine gun enthusiasts received a bit of bad news recently with a News Alert from Kenny Sumner – the owner of the Knob Creek Gun Range. This year’s October 2021 Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot will be the last one
    However, old age has crept up on us all. The Time Has Come – October 2021 will be the last Machine Gun Shoot. Hope to see you then!

    Our shop and range will continue to operate on our regular schedule. Come see us anytime.
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    Sorry to hear it's being shut down. We still have the "Big Sandy" out here, i haven't been able to get up there since 2018 when ammo was relatively cheap, it was a great show.


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