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Thread: For those unaware, I was permanently banned form facebook 2 years ago

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    For those unaware, I was permanently banned form facebook 2 years ago

    and rebranded as Same Sales. As much as I hate the platform, My journey is to educate as many as I can. I am on Mewe and Gab as me. I have not spent much time here simply because the people here are awake, not woke and for the most part intellectually aware ie: informed and intentionally and emotionally patriotic. I do however still consider this as my 2nd home, The 20+ years here off and on has provided me with the most info on firearms and a comradery of good, honest and the feeling of people I could trust to the end of the earth. Relationships are often weird and maybe I am off base but the long haulers here are people of high moral fiber, that I would stand with or in front of whatever is coming. Please reach out and know I am with whatever tasks needed to move forward or is it backwards? I am also on Telegram and proton mail as secure encrypted points of contact. I appreciate all of you

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    "Same Sales"
    Is that your handle at Gab as well?
    I lurk over there for current events but not registered so limited at what I can see
    I'll have to check out Mewe I haven't heard of that one
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    I too, consider our remaining members to be people I can ultimately be moral and upright, and to have my back if needed. This journey through the decades at GNS has taught me so much, not just about firearms, but also about humanity...from Ferd's idiocracy and greed, to the foolish communism of Kadmos and LAGC's beliefs, to the outright scamming of compared to the forthrightness of so many of you, your compassion, your passion, your generosity (you all know who you are).

    While the community is diminished, it is not extinguished, it is not gone. And I am also thankful for those of you who remain, who continue to offer wise council in troubling times.

    Well, maybe not you...MrK...
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    Being permanently banned from facebook will be a badge of honor someday, glad you got in early


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