and rebranded as Same Sales. As much as I hate the platform, My journey is to educate as many as I can. I am on Mewe and Gab as me. I have not spent much time here simply because the people here are awake, not woke and for the most part intellectually aware ie: informed and intentionally and emotionally patriotic. I do however still consider this as my 2nd home, The 20+ years here off and on has provided me with the most info on firearms and a comradery of good, honest and the feeling of people I could trust to the end of the earth. Relationships are often weird and maybe I am off base but the long haulers here are people of high moral fiber, that I would stand with or in front of whatever is coming. Please reach out and know I am with whatever tasks needed to move forward or is it backwards? I am also on Telegram and proton mail as secure encrypted points of contact. I appreciate all of you