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Thread: Besides Gunsnet, what social media do you use?

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    Besides Gunsnet, what social media do you use?

    Guns net was my first social media 18-20 years ago? I went to facebook for a larger crowd. My focus has always been to spread righteousness to as many as possible. Not religion but factual attacks against the legions of liberalism. At one point I was happy with almost 4000 facebook friends (of which I actually knew maybe 50) I had a following because my message was about America, its rights, its tribulations. I was dethroned in a swift click of a button and left wondering how and why. Shit happens. Now, a year later, I have a fake facebook persona but am not focused on that sinking ship. Gab, Mewe, and Gettr offer a media that while sometimes less than perfect, allows free speech. Our voices need be heard to influence best we can those who might listen. YOU voice is important, never underestimate what your words can do. The country needs you and your voice, Reach out and for Gods sake maybe we can retake this country from the vile. Its a battle we cant afford to lose.

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    For the most part. I belong also to a small forum of Kaiser/Frazer car owners that I post on occasionally, but that's it.
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    Indiana, a state that is trying to remain free.
    Indiana Gun Owners is a great forum for state and local firearm talk as well as just about everything else going on in the world today. Very open, but strict family friendly, and there ain't nothing wrong with that.

    For good old AK stuff I like The AK Forum. Actual talk about firearms and little else.

    Got on Facebook because my church uses it as a point of contact. Otherwise I don't use it much and don't believe in telling everyone when I am not at home by posting pictures of where I am.

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    Quote Originally Posted by imanaknut View Post
    Indiana Gun Owners
    I lurk there all the time along with Hunting Indiana but this is the only place I've joined
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    Besides this being the original/first AK site. I'm on AK Forum,AK Files,Glock Talk,M4Carbine, That's enough.
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    This site, Armed & Polite, Illinois Carry, THR, and Open Carry. I used to go to Gun Rights Media but they have devolved into a dumping ground.
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    Facebook. When the site went down I became Facebook friends with several people from here and have lots of family and co-workers as friends. News from everywhere and comments from other conservatives.

    LinkedIn but I hardly visit

    Starting on Rumble

    I have accounts at several other gun forums, but haven't posted in years. I used to find collectables in the classifieds, pawn shops, etc. but now prices are crazy and things I would be interested in have mostly dried up.
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