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Thread: What do you indulge in

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    What do you indulge in

    I recently discovered a beer that I find suits my tastes albeit a bit costly. It is called Dragons Milk. A dark whiskey barrel aged beer that hits the pallet with a bourbonish flavor which suddenly turns sweet. My tastes buds have come a long way from Bud. Whats on your list of favorites

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    I'm quite fond of this:

    Unfortunately it's a regional brew, only available in parts of 'scansin.

    This is also a current fave:

    Also somewhat regional, though apparently you may be able to find it in Montana.

    And this: is my favorite sippin' whiskey.
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    I am into straight Bourbon Whiskeys. My favorite mixer is Evan Williams, a better than expected mash if you just look at it's reasonable price. Nice inexpensive surprise.

    My daughter treated me recently to a really nice but expensive Beer Barrel Bourbon by New Holland for last Christmas, along with a bottle of Woodford Reserve Distillers Select. For my birthday she treated me to Four Roses Small Batch Select. I treated myself to Knob Creek 9.

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    Old Pulteney 12years old.

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    Well I'm smoking a cigar right now


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