Thankful for being born American, Thankful for my life, Thankful for those who love me, Thankful for those I love, Thankful I am blessed to have a personal relationship with God, Thankful to my wife, Thankful to my friends, Thankful for a clear vision of right and wrong, Thankful that those I love forgive me when I fail at right and wrong. Thankful that there are so many like myself that love their country. Thankful for being able to care for those who are less fortunate in their life, Thankful that I can forgive and be forgiven, Thankful that I can acknowledge being thankful. It should be a year long holiday not to be limited to one day in November. So go forth and be thankful, feel obliged, glad, grateful, pleased because when you are, so are those around you.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to my family at Gunsnet