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Thread: Anybody use envelope printing software/address lists?

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    Anybody use envelope printing software/address lists?

    Need recommendation on how to save addresses in a program and print them on different size envelopes for Christmas.
    I go through this every year trying to print addresses on envelopes with my printer, and every year after 2 hours of trying to get them printed right, manually print the addresses.
    What's a good program to easily store and print the addresses on various size envelopes?

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    MANY years ago when I had to do a lot of correspondence I used Microsoft Word's letters and envelopes function.
    I'd have to try to dig back into it to remember the details, but it will save your return address, and you can make up mailing lists and envelope sizes.

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    Being something of a dinosaur, I am still using Office 2000. Word has the "Menu Bar" at the top (File, Edit, View - - ) and under "Tools" should be the "Envelopes and Labels" sub-menu.
    I don't know if newer versions of Word still have that function.
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