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Thread: Practice Run For The End Times

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    Cool Practice Run For The End Times

    While preparing my lesson on Revelation for my church's men's group, it dawned on me how similar the US is now to how the world will be during the time of the antichrist.

    Disclaimer: In no way am I saying that any of what's happening in our Commucrat controlled US is going to be part of Tribulation, but I am saying that a lot of what's happening here and now is very similar to what will be played out worldwide when the antichrist comes on the scene.

    PINO* Biden represents the antichrist. (He is adored by Commucrats everywhere, especially, the Media.)

    Satan is represented by the Deep State/Swamp, who is animating/indwelling PINO Biden. (Biden is nothing more than a hollow shell of a human and there's lots of room for two or more beings in there.)

    Fauci represents the False Prophet. Fauci is nothing more than a political animal who blindly follows anything, and everything, "Satan" says. He is very seldom right, but appears to always be right. Ignorant Commucrats follow his every word.

    The unsaved are those who eagerly wear masks and keep their vaccinations up to date. They are terrified of what the False Prophet claims will happen to them if they don't follow his every word.

    The mandates represent the ungodly laws that are being forced on those who follow the Beast.

    The conservatives, in Congress, represent the Two Witnesses, trying in vain, to show people the right way (salvation).

    The Martyrs are those conservatives that are attacked by the Commucrats for telling the truth.

    There are more similarities, but these should be enough for you to get the idea that I'm trying to convey.

    Oh, by the way, Republicans represent those who were raptured.

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    Actually can't wait for "the second coming". We do seem to be filling a lot of requirements listed in The Book of Revelation.


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