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Thread: New Springfields Hellion 5.56 Bullpup Rifle

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    New Springfields Hellion 5.56 Bullpup Rifle

    Bullpup configuration where the action is located behind the trigger, the Hellion features an overall length of just 28.25-inches while still possessing a 16 barrel. The Hellion sports ambidextrous controls that work in concert with a reversible case ejection system, allowing it to be easily fired from either shoulder.
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    Being someone who has a thing for bullpups, this has my attention.

    These days I haven't followed the price of most firearms, but have watched the AK variants that not too long ago you couldn't give them away, going for $1000 and up. So I guess an MSRP on the Hellion of $1999 isn't too far off these days.

    And I have to really ask myself, that although I don't need an excuse to add to my bullpup collection, my favorite .223/5.56 Beretta ARX-100 doesn't really need a companion... or does it?

    Just noticed that it is manufactured in Croatia. I would like to know the profit margin on this import!

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    I never really could wrap my head around a bullpup. (or vice-versa)

    I think it's something to do with the ejection port being so close to the face.

    Given the chance, I guess I'd have to shoot it, at least once.


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