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Thread: Preparing for the Unexpected Food, Water, Shelter

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    Post Preparing for the Unexpected Food, Water, Shelter

    After today, it's all historical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunreference1 View Post
    Thanks for a good article.
    Being single, I don't do a lot of storage except for food. I don't have a Faraday container as I don't really have anything worth putting in one. I'm a little short on my water storage, although I do have a variety of containers. I can also add a small amount of straight ethyl alcohol to those water bottles that will act as a preservative. I would just have to heat it up a bit to drive off the alcohol.
    I do store gas, motor oil, a mid-sized portable generator (~4kw), assorted camping gear, white gas for lamp and stove, kerosene for other lamps, plenty of firewood for my fireplace (some needs to be split), etc.
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    Listening to Glenn Beck is a good way to hear what needs to be bought right now before things become hard to buy. He tells you what items will be in short supply as Idiot Joe's administration does its best to keep supplies scarce and inflation rising.

    I'm been getting as many of those items as I can while shelves are still pretty well stocked.

    One thing that is a must-have is a water purification system that will filter a few thousand gallons, etc. Since I live near a stream, water won't be a problem....making it clean enough to drink will be. A filtration system will see to that problem. (There's nothing upstream so there are no dangerous chemicals being dumped into it. Just have to be careful of bacteria....)
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