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Thread: The Texas shooter was a complete PSYCHOPATH ... well before his rampage .....

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    Quote Originally Posted by tank_monkey View Post
    LOL typical that you don't even know the story. He PAID for them ONLINE. It's easy to use CCs online, if you have the same family name. Online stores do it all the time for spouses and children. The shipper wan'ts worried because they were being sent to an actual FFL/Store. The FFL aka store will do the due diligence and fill out the paperwork. SO! went to the STORE and filled out the paperwork AFTER he was 18. Try to learn about what you speak of before you speak. bwahahahahahaha
    So, they could have as easily been ordered by his gov't. handler with any old untraceable gov't. CC...yes?

    And from what I understand about the story, the family was basically broke...correct?
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    Did anyone see the Video of the other side of the School? The Police Broke out a Window and got 2 Classrooms out the Window and 2 Teachers. But no one talks about it.
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    If they would have just shot the SOB when they had the chance we wouldn't be talking about any of this.
    Where are we going and why are we in this handbasket???

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