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Thread: EM 2 Bullpup 280/30 7mm by 43mm Collectors Cartridges, Pristine Conduction

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    EM 2 Bullpup 280/30 7mm by 43mm Collectors Cartridges, Pristine Conduction

    EM 2 280/30 7 x 43 Collector Cartridges made in 1949 by RG Radway Green. They are pristine condition but obviously no for shooting as there are no rifles in this caliber except for ones in museums and private industrial reference collections. Excellent Condition, not bight and shinny (I don't think any of them were in 1949 but very clean with no discoloration or damage in any way

    We also have the original case which was like finding a time capsule; however, we can only offer up to about 700 rounds as I am keeping some for my own collection

    Brass Cartridge cases, copper jacket with mild steel core like the Eastern 7.62x39 and 54R today. Pink misted tip which denotes 280 standard ball. Head Stamp is

    - RG at 10 o'clock
    - 49 at 2 O'clock
    - 280/30 at 6 O'clock

    These came in 1,000 rd wooden cases with heavy wire handles from RG packed in spacers, no boxes, and case marked

    1000 CART
    280 Ball
    MS CORE 140GR
    In Bulk

    I assume these came into Canada back in the 1950s when we were working with England as they did battle with the Americans between this cartridge and 7.62 x 51 NATO that was eventually adopted for the M-14 FN C1A1 G-3 et all. A real piece of history.

    $1800.00 USD for 100 or $1,600.00 USD per 100 for 500 or more and you get the original Radway Green wooden case. Please keep in mind that these usually go for $30.00 each by cartridge collectors at gun shows for tarnished and handled cartridge, not ones like this right out of the case. We have never seen a case like this in all my years of collecting

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