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Thread: Any other cigar afficianados here?

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    Any other cigar afficianados here?

    Okay, so this is a bullshit thread, given all that is before us.

    However, I am government wants to kill me, the medical profession wants to kill me, the pharmaceutical industry wants to kill me, Soros Gates and Schwab all want me dead as a useless eater.

    So what the hell...we're in Vegas...let's party!!!

    If you are a stogie fan, what are your faves? Do you prefer 'em light or heavy flavor wise, specific brands/formulations/sizes that really pique your pallet?

    Hey...if the world is goin' to hell in a hand basket in the very near future, I'ma enjoy some gustatory flavor along the way.

    Some of my faves:

    Sancho Panza Double Maduro
    Punch Rare Corojo
    CAO: Brazilia and Flathead
    AJ Fernandez San Lotano: Ovals, Requiems...hell, damn near anything AJ
    Gurkha Grand Reserve
    Padron - damn near anything, but the 1926 Anniversary is exquisite...wish I could afford the damn things...

    Edited post...I posted Perdomo, should have been Padron...bad job by me...
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