Well according to reports, Republicans and conservatives cast 5 MILLION more ballots than Democrats nation wide. (now all that means is that Democrats got more 'votes' in districts that mattered. In Republican SAFE districts the blowout was just larger, the math still works out). This is an interesting trend that does kinda bode well (I hope) for 2024.

Now don't bash me about 'the steal'. I know the Dems are scum, but I still don't think it can't be turned around. I'm just looking at trends which are worth noting.

More districts throughout the nation trended or shifted RIGHT than any time in history. Even in California, though we lost many races because of Democrat super majorities, the counties and voters all shifted to the RIGHT by a sizeable number. Even idiot Gavin Newsom (New Scum)'s republican challenger, a nobody, got 43% of the votes in ultra blue California. That's unheard of. Tons of the so called 'Democrat wins' were razor thin margins (less than 1%) in so called 'SAFE DEMOCRAT districts'. Again, that is very interesting.

Again, being all salty about the Democrats doing election shenanigans ... we all get it. But this trend is very interesting to me.

Also, in 2022, in the SENATE, Republicans had to defend 20 seats. In order flip they needed to flip 14 Democrat seats. But in 2024, Democrat trying to defend 33 Senate seats, many are retiring. The Republicans have to only defend 10 Seats. The Democrats will be defending Three times as many seats as Republicans. Many of those seats are in states where 'vote fortification' is not set (good).

Also, GOP is starting to get smarter (better late than never). I'm hearing rumblings of us getting OUR OWN ballot harvesting organizations up and running in all the Blue states and swings states (wherever it's legal). I'm on board with that.

But then I'm politically active. I know most of y'all are not. Just me thinking out loud.