What is interesting is that FOX news quotes the police as saying "It was NOT an assault weapon" but I"m seeing other news media like NBC saying "It was an assault weapon". Either way the Media is desperate to turn this into fodder for pushing for more gun bans.

This reminds me of TWO incidents that happened in the last year that got practically zero media coverage.

A Chinese national gunned down two prominent Chinese American activists who were pro TAIWAN. The chinese national was pro CCP. I was like "what the fuck is THIS guy doing here if he's pro CCP? but then I realized that Joe Biden and the Democraps are all shills of the CCP.

A hispanic comedian in the central valley (an American citizen mind you) directly insulted the Mexican Drug cartel during one of his stand up routines. He was disappeared and his body never found. This .... to an American ... In America. We're not safe from FOREIGN criminal cartels on American soil. I was told by Latino friends that so many of the ILLEGALS that the democrats are welcoming into the state are in fact foot soldiers of the various Mexican Mafia groups and are establishing strong footholds in the USA. And Democrats in California and the Biden Administration are helping them.

I'm thinking that the ticking time bomb is that we're letting in tons of people like Al Qaeda Sleeper agents, Mexican Drug Cartel members, CCP sleeper spies over our southern border and they're spreading all over the USA and the Democrats and the Media will cover for that. My theory was that Biden and the Democrats WANT violent crimes to increase, to give them an excuse to ban guns, ban free speech and increase their own surveillance powers over regular Americans and NOT the illegals.

Just musing over here. I'm already seeing the MEDIA desperately trying to distort ANY shooting crime into a call for MORE gun control, rather than looking at the root causes. It's sickening because it's so predictable.