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Thread: The Detective Hi-Power

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    After today, it's all historical.

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    I've actually got one of these (or something very similar)
    Traded for repairs to the front brakes and hubs on a 4X4 truck about 10 years ago.
    Guy was the original owner, found the receipt under the foam liner in the box.
    He bought it new at a gun show in Dallas back in 1995 for less than $300.
    The box is a little rough, but the pistol is still in excellent condition.
    Very accurate with 115 gr. ball ammo, runs slightly to the right with a 147 gr. bullet.

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    Nice Nobeard! I never did get around to buying a hipower.

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    Nice pistol.
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    Being Argentinian, I would have expected the 147 gr. bullet to go to the "left".
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