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Thread: Republicans have to stop living in the past

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    Republicans have to stop living in the past

    So many GOP politicians think it's still the 1980s, when Democrats had 'some honor' and played by the same rules. Dinosaurs like Mitch McConnell (R) still think that he can make deals with the Democrats. Republican politicians have to start seeing what THE REST OF US are seeing. But they don't. They're insulated at the Capitol. Sadly, I've had a chance to talk face to face with some Republican Congressmen. They still think that there is a mainstream narrative that unites all Americans. There isn't. There's US (the patriots who actually believe in the Constitution and RIGHTS) and there are the Democrats who want to destroy this nation. I used to NOT be that 'extreme' but all I see is EVIL when I look at the other side. That shouldn't be the case.

    Now I don't hate on the average Dem voter. They're just misinformed and stupid. But their leaders who are lying to them and the Media who covers for them. They're the ones who are evil. Just had to get that off my chest. And I live in the middle of enemy territory, so I still interact with average regular libs.

    (edit) this is a youtube clip. WHY doesn't it show up?

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    youtube shorts don't seem to embed like the normal ones for some reason
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    Agree 100% The Republicans take the high ground and try to play nice. They are so worried about what the media will say. HEY MCFLY They are already doing that to you. FIGHT TO WIN like the evil scumbags do.

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    All my life I could never understand that when democrats said - "what's mine is mine and what yours is negotiable" and the republicans would just say "Okay". I keep hoping that in my lifetime I would hear republicans finally stand up and say NO!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alismith View Post
    MTG is McCarthy's bitch. They all talk a good game (and talk, and talk, and talk)...reminds me of an old quote by Curly (Three Stooges)...I try and think, but nothing happens!
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