Let me find the ways...

Ostensibly, the pilot ejected due to some mishap, while leaving the auto-pilot engaged...and the plane just kept flying on.

Firstly...if the plane was operational enough to continue flying on, why did the pilot eject?

Secondly...this was near the Atlantic coast...why didn't the pilot direct the plane toward the ocean, disengage the auto-pilot, then eject?

Allow me to speculate a bit here, given our treasonous, CCP loving commucrat leaders.

One...the pilot never actually ejected, that's just the spin.

Two...they stuffed a second pilot somewhere (the plane ostensibly only holds one) and he now controls the plane.

Either way, that plane is now on the way to China to be dismantled, software and hardware reverse engineered...

Dammit...I needed a good new conspiracy theory...all my old ones have come to fruition!!!