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Thread: Link to J6 Video Footage

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    Link to J6 Video Footage

    Some of it has been released, check here:

    Going to take some time to review and collate, order of the files seems to be a little wonky.

    Intend to download as much as possible and review later (before it's 'mysteriously gone' for no reason)
    Have an auxiliary hard drive hooked up, but our connection is slow today.

    Here's some of what I've found so far...

    Initial Entry at 2:00 [Capitol police spray some mace then run away like scared rabbits]

    The 'insurrectionist' left, then came back. Door Breached at 1:30

    Hanging out, taking pics and videos

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    Already noticing some things of interest...
    In this one:
    "The 'insurrectionist left, then came back video"

    The officers in riot gear are vastly outnumbered but not attacked.
    They also don't seemed to be concerned of an imminent attack or potential threat to their safety.
    From the hand gestures and actions of the people coming in?
    It appears they are telling the officers there is no intent of violence or mayhem...

    "Hanging out, taking pics and videos"
    Plenty of friendly banter, with officers...handshakes and pats on the back.

    Around 0:35, someone with a blue backpack and professional video equipment comes down the hallway.
    By 1:15 he's in the corner by the window [bottom right of screen] talking to an officer.

    That appears to be a very expensive video camera on a gimbal to film while moving.
    It should also have audio capability - THAT'S some footage we need access to as well.
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    Sen. Mike Lee Calls for Investigation of Jan. 6 Committee After Release of Jan. 6 Tapes

    After today, it's all historical.


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