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Thread: Sick of the whining about the rich.

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    Sick of the whining about the rich.

    I'm so fed up with seeing the left whining about the "rich". A very few percent of the rich inherited it. The rest of them came up with an idea and marketed it to make life better, or saved and invested instead of living a life of debt. Anybody else sick of seeing the whining about the "rich"? Most that became "rich" worked their asses off while other people sat and whined about it's too hard and the gov't owes me for living. If there's any of you bitches here let me know and I'll debate you. I grew up poor and decided I wanted not to be poor and decided on a blue collar job that paid well and would always be there with all kinds of branches off for my skills. It wasn't easy and I didn't work 9-5, but I'll be able to retire in comfort and not eat dogfood nor really depend on a gov't that should be paying much more on the money I put into the system designed to rip us off.

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    Got no problem with the rich who busted their asses, or invented/created something that got them rich.

    The generational, inherited rich...that's another story...and my problem with them is the death tax, and how they find loopholes to avoid it and keep that wealth.

    And really, I don't have a problem with them, but with the death tax, and government stealing wealth honestly earned, just because they can through the socialist income tax laws.
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