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Thread: Fing Republicans do it again

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    Fing Republicans do it again

    Mike Gallagher(WI) just fucked us. Resigning from congress, BUT making it effective after a date when a special election can be held, so the seat will stay open until Jan!!!!!! WTF what the hell is going on over there at the RNC?

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    Republicans are like a herd of cats.

    Commucrats are like a pack of wolves.

    One follows after a leader and the other gets distracted by scattering butterflies.
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    "Valar morghulis; valar dohaeris."

    Commucrats are most efficient at converting sins and crimes to accidents or misunderstandings.-Oswald Bastable

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    Freedom isn't free.

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    The current swamp plan is to have the Dims in charge of the house, with a Dim speaker...all to assure they will not certify the election of Trump, if they can't cheat 0'Biteme back in.
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