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Thread: What Is/Are Your Favorite CCW gun(s)?

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    What Is/Are Your Favorite CCW gun(s)?

    I have three that I switch out, depending on the clothes I'm wearing or where I'm going.

    The first is a Bersa Thunder in .380. I wear this one when I'm going to be gone for a long time as the shoulder holster is very comfortable and the gun doesn't weigh much. It's, also, thinner than the other two so I can wear in under just a vest, or a heavy shirt, and it doesn't imprint.

    The second gun I carry is a Colt King Cobra in .357 Mag. with a 2" barrel. This is my choice when I don't feel like wearing the Bersa. This is my second most carried CCW gun. Many times I'll wear this to church (I'm one of the security guys there) or I'll wear it when I go to Walmart or on short trips around the city.

    My third most-carried CCW is my 3" Colt Python. It's bigger and heavier than the other two and I carry it in a shoulder holster (that I have to get a better fitting one as this one binds me up in my arm pit (elastic strap). This one I wear to church more than anywhere else.

    All three of them are super accurate out to 15 yds. (haven't tried shooting them any farther), with the most acccurate one being the Python.

    I have others that I've carried, but these three are the ones I carry most of the time.

    I'm looking for a 3" .45 1911, but haven't found one yet. I qualified for my CCW with a 4" .45 1911, but I want to try the 3". If I get one and it's as accurate as the 4" is, I'll add that one to my CCW rotation, too.

    If you carry CCW, what gun(s) do you prefer to carry?
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    Ali - most of the places I go here in ILL-ANNOY are posted and those signs (if the proper ones) have the "force of law".
    Add to that, there is a $150 non-refundable application fee the state charges. Then there are the costs of the "classes" and the fingerprints. And, while things have improved somewhat, it is still common for the time from application to receipt of "permit" so exceed 6 months. And that's for most of"downstate" ILL-ANNOY. "Shi*cago" and "Crook County" can still take over a year, esp. if they raise an objection, which they usually do.

    If I DID carry, I have a couple of options. These would include my Astra .380, a Colt Jr. .25 ACP, or a Ruger SP-101 .38 Special.
    If OC were possible, the choice would be my GP-100 in .357 as I have a custom-made leather rig for it.
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    Only gun for me that's comfortable so far IWB Walther PK380

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    Until recently my constant companion was a Kahr PM9 but switched to a Sig P365. A few ounces heavier but holds four more rounds of "hope I don't need 'em".


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