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Thread: It's back to global warming!

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    It's back to global warming!

    We're all gonna die! That's why every-bodies moving to FL and Texas because it's too hot. It's never been hot at the equator either!!!!! What a freaking lunatic this woman is.
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    Yup, all the ice caps have melted, all the polar bears are predicted years ago...and the last ice age came to an end due to mammoth farts and flintstone cars...

    We are definitely...all going to die.
    If we refuse to rule ourselves with reason, then we shall be ruled by our passions.

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    "Global warming" - "climate change" - whatever. It is all about instilling "F.U.D." in the semi-literate masses so the elitists can control them.
    “I have little patience with people who take the Bill of Rights for granted. The Bill of Rights, contained in the first ten amendments to the Constitution, is every American’s guarantee of freedom.” - - President Harry S. Truman, “Years of Trial and Hope”

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    "THE HEAT" is coming, run for your life, yyaahhhh help me daddy joe

    The CDC has instituted a heat warning system for us desert dwellers for the clueless fucks who don't know where they live and our governor is fully on board; hiking trails will be closed, out door activities will be curtailed (think covid lockdown mentality) and restrictions on construction will be enforced.

    I'm a retired roofer, heat is what we deal with and we know how to deal with it. I was on the roof 10 hours on that infamous 122 degree day some years back and survived 42years of higher humidity during the dog days of august when the low temps are over 80 degrees for 30-40 days and it hits 100 by 7 AM

    Again they are regulating to the lowest common dominator; gotta keep people who don't know their limitations safe from their own stupidity

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    Al Gore said it would be like this! ! !
    "And how we burned in the camps later thinking, what would things have been like, if every security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain, whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?"

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    Yea...this 'Glo-bull Warming' is pretty rough...

    It's getting hotter too!

    There was a severe thunderstorm warning and it dropped to the mid-50s about an hour ago.

    No pics though, there was golf ball sized hail and I don't play golf


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