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Thread: The new Mad Max Era Furiosa Film

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    Exclamation The new Mad Max Era Furiosa Film

    I went to see the new Furiosa Mad Max Fuery Road Era, Movie today. There is a Scene where you see the Black Car he used in 1,2, and 3. We see what looks like Mad Max, But only the Back of him. the Guy in the Movie who is also in the Black Outfit that was in the first 2 Movies worn by Mel Gibson. It is way too long, and very much involved. The Girl, Anna Joy in the Film did a very good Job.

    Her Mother is using a Chinese SKS in the beginning of the Movie, with a massive Sniper Scope on it. The Upper Handguard is there, but the Bayonet and Cleaning Rod are gone. also, as the Scope was way too large for a SKS as the Ejected Rounds would hit the Scope. The also took out the Gas Rod, out of the Gas Tube, so She had to Eject every Round.

    Amazing how that Chinese Chu Wood light Colored Stock as well as the whole Carabine had survived that long. Plus I just found out, the Story takes Place 15 Years before Mad Max the Road Warrior. Paul
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    Eh...let's make Mad Max a woman...more woke hollyweird, shove it down your throat preaching.

    I may watch it when it's on TV, but I won't help hollyweird by buying a ticket to have them stuff their "metaphorical" dicks down my throat.
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    I haven't been to the movies in a few years but this one has me tempted to talking the old lady into going to a movie....the downside being if she goes to see a movie I wanna see then I will have to go see one she wants to see.

    Furiosa is definitely one of the more interesting characters in the Mad Max universe and they teased us with her backstory in Fury Road....I'd love to see that story fleshed out in a movie...if done right.

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