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Thread: MD Arms gas plug?

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    MD Arms gas plug?

    So have any of you used one of the MD Arms gas plugs? A friend of mine bought one for me (and one for his S-12) a while ago as a thank-you for some gun stuff I did for him.
    Anyway, I installed the plug (didn't have directions at the time, but read them later and I did it correctly) and my S-12 functions like poop. Same for my friend's gun.

    Stock, my S-12 is very forgiving of practice-load pressures and still works comfortably with high-base buckshot. With the MD Arms plug, I can't cycle low-power shells, and high-power shells cycle the gun too vigorously.

    I plan to switch back to my old plug, I'm just curious about your experiences.
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    I had the MD arms plug, and it wouldn't cycle low brass trash, I also got an auto gas plug and it still wouldn't cycle low brass trash. I took the gas block off, found out I had a vodka gun, opened up the gas holes, and now it cycles everything with either plug installed

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    Its alot of reasons why your S12 wont cycle low brass/cheap bulk. You might have to polish the internals and/or open your gas ports. Also double check to make sure your plug is installed correctly. S12s can be finicky until you figure out the personality of your gun. Some people also use to recommend a break in period using just heavy loads (Slugs and Buckshot) for about 200 rounds.


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