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Thread: Rifles of the White Death

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    Rifles of the White Death

    I would suggest picking up a copy . When they are gone it will be hard to find one available.

    PO Box 7358
    McComb, MS 39649
    601-249-3315 after 7PM Central
    e mail address:
    USPS Money Order preferred

    "Rifles of the White Death" by Doug Bowser
    A collector's and shooter's guide to Finland's military rifles 1918-1944

    Topics discussed in book:
    Chapter I: Rarity of Finnish Military Rifles
    Chapter II: The first Finnish Moisin Nagants
    Chapter III: Rebuilding of Russian M91's 1918-1924
    Chapter IV: The Civil Guard M91/24 rifle
    Chapter V: The "P" series rifles 1925-27
    Chapter VI: Tikkakoski Production of Model 1891 rifles 1925-27
    Chapter VII: M27 Finnish Army rifle.
    Chapter VIII: M28 Finnish Civil Guard rifle.
    Chapter IX: M28/30 Civil Guard rifle.
    Chapter X: M39 Finnish military rifle.
    Chapter XI: M1891 1940's Production
    Chapter XII: M91/30 Tikka rifles
    Chapter XIII: Foreign rifles used by Finland
    Chapter XIV: Finn sniper rifles 1928-1985
    Chapter XV: Glossary of Finn and Russian proofmarks
    Chapter XVI: Other Finn arms developments
    Chapter XVII: Bayonets in Finnish service 1918-44
    Chapter XVIII: Military ammunition for the 7.62x53R
    Chapter XIX: Reloading for the 7.62x53R
    Chapter XX: Field stripping Finnish rifles
    Chapter XXI: Loading and operating Finn military rifles
    Chapter XXII: Use of the sling for Finn military rifles
    Chapter XXIII: Position shooting Moisin Nagant and SVT rifles
    Chapter XXIV: Practical shooting information for Finn military rifles
    Chapter XXV: The Winter War
    Chapter XXVI: The Continuation War
    Appendix: full of information pertaining to Finnish rifles.
    Complete Index.
    243 pages soft bound $30.00 postpaid and autographed

    Or use credit card with Empire Arms
    BACK IN STOCK! BOWSER: Rifles of the White Death, a Collector's and Shooter's Guide to Finnish Military Rifles 1918-1944. Camellia, 2008 reprint. An extremely useful survey with many line-drawings and so much practical information you'll be overwhelmed. 234 pages, spiral-bound card covers, each one AUTOGRAPHED by the author. $24.95
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    Sounds like a good book, I may have to pick up a copy. Thanks for bringing it up.
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    I have heard about this book, but haven't heard of anyone giving any review on it. It does sound like a very interesting book by the chapters.

    AIC, do you have this book yet? What can you tell us about it? Do you know why the amount of pages is quite different between the two books listed?

    I think I'm going to get one, but would love to hear from anyone that has it.
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    Rifles of the White Death

    I've read it, and all I can say is that is "exceptional". Very well done. Cheesey covers and binding, but it really doesn't matter.

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    The page number is just a typo. The book has a lot of good reference in it. Here is a review.
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