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Thread: Any built m92 krinks here and I also have some questions?

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    Any built m92 krinks here and I also have some questions?

    Any built Yugo M92 Krink owners here? Has anyone of you gone different direction in your build then stamped receiver or say gone sidefolder instead of underfolder? If so I like to see pics of your m92. Their use to be pics of a milled one on the old board but do not remember the stock type he used. I like the milled recievers over stamped myself. Down fall is they do cost a lot more to build. I am debating which to go milled or stamped. Funds is somewhat tight so I may end up settling on a stamped one. I just feel a milled one would last longer. I wonder some of those milled receivers kits that got cut up if there is anyone not using the milled parts maybe I can build one with that cheaper and still be a russian receiver? hmmm

    If I went stamped what brand receiver should I go with? Nodak? I want thick as possible reciever does anyone make them like the chinese receivers were made? Who should I have build it? I figure I can get a stamped sidefolder receiver and pick up a sidefolder for build.
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    Be done with it and get a Nodak Spud

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    The M92 is a stamped kit. I'd go NoDak and not look back... It should go 20,000 to 40,000 rounds before you replace wear parts and keep going...


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