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Thread: PSL reload pt2

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    aiken s.c.

    PSL reload pt2

    Weapon was a PSL 54c

    The 47.0 of Varget with a 150 gr Speer was TO LIGHT. the case neck got hit on the ejection by the bolt. Fired some 173 Gr Black Bear and clean on the case neck.
    Will try some 158 gr and go to a faster powder to see how that works out.

    Data was 2721 fps high and 2695 FPS low that is in (4) 5 round strings.

    Will try again this weekend
    No grouping to speak of. at 100 yds best was 2.5 worst was 4.25 no flyers mostly Mr Flinch

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    How is your load development going?


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